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The Instant Guide To Dressin Your Apple Shape

Learn about your shapes’ characteristics and frustrations
Get my 'flattering formula' to help you build flattering outfits
Get a detailed explanation of your most and least flattering clothes. Including tops, pants + jeans, skirts, dresses, coats + jackets, and knitwear.
Get tips for improving the look of less-flattering clothes
Discover the three vital elements for putting together outfits that work
Get my simple 4-step formula for building outfits
Use the template and worksheets included in the guide to identify which essential items are suitable for your capsule collection

Please note - This is a digital guide. Once your purchase has gone through, you will receive an email with the subject, 'Here's Your Guide'. Simply click the ink inside to access (and download) your guide.

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“I feel MUCH BETTER. The guide is so well laid out and has so many examples, I feel really comfortable that I know exactly what I need to look for and avoid, it's going to be an invaluable and timeless help when shopping. I will always be able to use this information no matter the season, fashions and occasions. It will never not be helpful to me and I have learnt a lot from it."

meg devine

Canterbury - UK

Some questions you might have...

What happens after I've made my purchase?

Once you've purchased your guide, you'll receive a confirmation email from containing a link to view and download your guide.  It's as simple as that!  You can view it on any device, and you can print it off if you wish, too.

Does this expire?  How long do I have access to the guide for?

This does NOT expire.  You have access to your guide for life, so you can dip back in whenever you need a reminder.

Will there be links to purchase clothes in the guide?

No, there are no direct links to purchase the items illustrated in the guide.  There are however links to each retailer that is featured so you can visit their website.  If you would like me to hand pick your collection for you, you will need to purchase one of my online shopping packages HERE